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Past civilizations recognized Madrasah Mustansiriya in Bhagdhad as a place where hundreds of thousands of books were neatly lined up in the library. Ibn Battuta’s travel notes reveal that the library has a collection of books from the Caliph Mustansir which must be sent using 150 camels. The library is the center of civilization, travelers who rest in the mosque. Find food and knowledge in the library which is usually located in the mosque complex.

Inside Al-Qarawiyyin Library
Inside Al-Qarawiyyin Library , World’s Oldest Libraries

Libraries and mosques do have an important role in the development of Islamic culture. There is the Al-Qarawiyyin Library in Morocco. This place according to UNESCO is the oldest library in the world that is still running since it opened. Located in the former capital of Morocco, Fez, Al Qarawiyyin is home to some of the rarest and unique manuscripts in the world, and so far. Only accessible by curators in special cases. In 2016 the management of this institution built a laboratory to protect and convert 4,000 classic and important manuscripts in https://ringcincin.com/ form.

Al Qarawiyyin Library

The Al Qarawiyyin Library was built by a progressive Muslim female scholar named Fatima al Fihri in 859. In this library there are various classical books of Islamic teachings. There are at least 4,000 manuscripts that contain Islamic law, history and teachings. One of the most important collections of this library is the Qur’an from the ninth century written in Kufic calligraphy and the oldest sirah book that tells the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

In addition to Al Qarawiyyin, there is also a library from the monastery of St Catherine on the Mount Sinai, England. The residents of Bediun Jabaliya and the monastery guards worked together to protect this important Christian site. Like in 2011 when Egypt was in turmoil, Muslims and Catholics took turns guarding the monastery. Not only to protect historical sites, but also collections of books in the monastery library. Manuscripts and important books that are stored in a special room and maintained regularly.

Librije library

Other oldest libraries are not only located in Africa, but also several places in Europe such as the Netherlands and Great Britain. One of the oldest and most important libraries is the Librije library in Zutpen, Gelderland province in the Netherlands. This library is located in a church complex that was built in the 11th century. This library holds a lot of Christian theology books and also comments on Greek classical works. The museum holds 300 rare books and 750 titles and 65 manuscripts that originated before the 1500s.

Librije library
Librije library, World’s Oldest Libraries

The university is also the location where the library keeps ancient manuscripts, besides Al-Azhar University. There is the Royal Grammar School library located in England. The location of the library is in the Old Building of the university. The library’s book collection stretches from books printed in Venice in 1480 to a collection of Christian theology books that were recorded published in 1897. All of these books can be accessed limited, but only for reasons of knowledge and research. The books are still the same as they were first printed, with covers, chains and iron balls as safety.