Various Activities Librarians Can Do in Developing the Library

There are many activities that can be done in a library by a librarian. Some of these activities can be very exciting and can help advance the library as a place of work. If you work as a librarian, then you can use this guide in developing your library’s potential.

Various Activities Librarians Can Do in Developing the Library
Various Activities Librarians Can Do in Developing the Library
  1. Exchange Information with Other Libraries

A librarian needs to establish contact with other librarians. It is also necessary to establish good communication with library staff at the same location. Try to share basic information for a library. Can also share library development plans in the long term, share bright ideas in advancing the library. In fact, you can send scrapbooks, save presentation files, CDs, and Youtube videos. So it doesn’t have to be a book that is a collection of a library.

  1. Exchange Existing Resources

There are a lot of newspapers and bibliography nowadays. You can exchange resources with other libraries, although that can be a very troublesome thing. A librarian must also be able to organize books based on their profile.

  1. Organizing the Library Training Program

A good contemporary library needs to provide online access. You who works as a librarian need to create a special library website where you work. You can also share knowledge about how to access training programs. Some training materials that you can also share are syllabi, workbooks, and handouts.

  1. Organizing Cultural Events

A librarian can also hold a national day and display books relating to national days specifically. This method can attract visitors to read the books displayed on a special display. It could also enliven national days from other countries and bring in native speakers who are suitable for giving presentations. Display on quality handicraft displays related to national days held.

  1. Participate in Library Development

Having a complete library of books and other resources is very important. It is equally important to develop a search system for existing resource collections. Development does not just end there and you as a librarian need to do other innovations, such as bringing in a professional or expert in particular science and holding a debate. This can make the library many visitors because they want to hear the opinions of these experts.

  1. Develop Contacts with Many Professionals

Today there are more and more critical people in the field of science. You as a librarian cannot stand by and try to gather information about contacts from famous people. Some of these contacts you can get through the internet or social media.

Try to establish communication with those experts from now on, even if you don’t want to call them. Make sure you have extensive knowledge, especially when you want to contact an expert. Having extensive knowledge can make communication grow and those skilled people become interested in your invitation to make the library more alive.

Various Activities Librarians Can Do in Developing the Library
Various Activities Librarians Can Do in Developing the Library