Responsibilities as an Academic Librarian You Need to Know

There are many accesses if you are interested in working in academic environment. Instead of becomes a teacher, you can also work as academic librarian. Different from librarian working in public library, academic librarian will be required to have specific academic subject or to develop specialist knowledge as well as other function such as loans, resource ordering, ICT system, specialist collections, library project, etc. Generally, academic librarian is responsible to manage, organize, as well as evaluate and disseminate information.

Responsibilities as an Academic Librarian You Need to Know
Responsibilities as an Academic Librarian You Need to Know

They will be required to provide support to members of academy community including students, lecturing staffs, as well as researchers.

Academic librarian has role to facilitate and support learning by teaching information literacy skills to staffs and students in various environment such as classroom, workshop, or virtual learning environment, situs judi poker. However, you need to remember that job titles can be vary such as information adviser, subject librarian, liaison librarian, etc. As an academic librarian, you are responsible to:

  • Manage and develop book collections as well as journals both paper and electronics and websites.
  • Assist researchers to provide information needed using database, internet, as well as printed resources. You may be required to have conversation and discussion in order to provide more support to the research.
  • Coordinate and deliver information as well as digital literacy session to staffs, researchers, and students in various environments needed. You will be involved in classroom teaching or workshops to deliver a presentation.
  • Use library and information software to select and acquire catalogue information. Besides, you will also be required to create, update, as well as manage printed and electronic information resources.
  • Give specific contribution to academic course development as well as liaise with academic departments.
  • Maintain and establish effective working relationships with other staffs as well as students in academic environment. You will be required to manage partnerships with external bodies such as suppliers.
Responsibilities as an Academic Librarian You Need to Know
Responsibilities as an Academic Librarian You Need to Know
  • Manage furniture, building, as well as equipment if needed. You may be required to oversee the building of new or existing libraries.
  • Manage enquiries as well as budgets especially those related to allocated subject areas and departments. You will be also required to allocate length of loans.

Typically, academic librarians work from 9am to 5pm in a day. However, you might be expected to do additinal evening or weekend work. About the salary, it depends on various factors such as location, as well as area of library work.