How To Become An Accredited Librarian

The library is a vital public place to store certain information including books, journals, data, documents, letters, and archives. There are many visitors to be served and many documents to be managed. It is why a librarian is much needed nowadays. With the high demand, there are more people interested to be an accredited librarian. Then what are the processes to become one?

How To Become An Accredited Librarian
How To Become An Accredited Librarian

An accredited librarian overview

Essentially what makes an accredited librarian different from a librarian is the legal process. To be a librarian, one should not have a Library and Information Science degree. Yet, she/he could only work as a part-timer and not as a permanent employee.

An accredited librarian does not work only at a library but can be also at schools, museums, hospitals, government offices, or other places to store information. The librarian jobs are to manage the files and documents, building storage systems both online and offline, building a website for visitors to access and borrow the documents, and serve the visitors daily.


The steps

To be a pro and accredited librarian, there are several steps and processes to be passed. Each country and even each state/province usually has its requirements and process. Referring to the U.S.A that has a well-structured librarian organization (ALA), these are general steps in becoming one.

  1. Have a degree

Accredited librarians usually are graduates of MLIS (master of library information and science). Therefore, it is highly suggested to take a degree that relates to library science both at the bachelor level. Later, in the master program, it will be easier to have a degree from MLIS. If it is possible take the library science programs that have been accredited by ALA. Several programs might suit specific interests such as the educational library.

  1. Volunteer or get a job in a public library

To build a strong CV, experience is an important aspect to have. Not only improve the CV, the knowledge of the real fieldwork will be clear for a librarian-to-be. Though this step is not compulsory, this step helps many librarians. Several employers sometimes require certain minimum work hour experience for the applicants.

  1. Pursue a degree from MLIS program

ALA and other countries’ library associations have released master program lists that are accountable and in line with the ‘standard’ curriculum of library science. There are many universities around the world with their programs related to library information and science. They are not only in the U.S. Specifically, the program usually teaches about online information management, but it can differ with a particular specialization such as business, pharmaceuticals, children & teen, and educational.

  1. Get some certifications

One final step to be an accredited librarian is by applying for a librarian position. However, before getting this position some particular certifications and tests should be passed. Those tests and certifications differ for each state and country.