Understanding Library and Task of Librarian

You go to school and there is library. College, university, government agency, and school are places where you can borrow books to learn. Of course, they are located and saved in the library. This term refers to sets of curated collections such as books, printed publication, tape, audio, magazine, cassette, and many things. From this point, library is more than books. You can get something for educational and research purposes.

Such place requires eligible and capable people to maintain, manage, and protect. This is where librarians into the right place. It is professional job that has responsibility to manage library. People see a librarian as a person who helps them borrow a book and find the right one. Of course, it is just mere task compare with more insightful and exhausting jobs that you will learn at the following section.

Understanding Library and Task of Librarian
Understanding Library and Task of Librarian

The Purpose of Library

Library has been available since human developed communication, mainly writing. Ancient history recorded several library that contained the value of civilization. In fact, you have your library at home. Books, data, document, and collection items are example of contents in the library. Therefore, you become a librarian for yourself.

  • Collection of book

The main purpose of library is set of location to gather and collect all books. This is the definition based on what people see on library, tons of books are available as source of literacy works. Moreover, collections expand and include something that is worth to keep.


  • Learning material and sources

The most obvious one is you use library as learning material and sources. All books are great references for your curiosity. School and university must have a library.


  • Keeping record and information

A library is the best place to ensure all records are safe. They have many formats such as books, magazine, audio content, digital media, and many things. You ask a librarian about old book and library will have it.


  • Research and academic

Library can be source of reference or part of research. Manuscript, old documents, and maps are available in this place. Many researches conduct extensive analysis to find the new theory about human history and civilization. You can learn from the past and a library is the best place to do such thing.

Understanding Library and Task of Librarian
Understanding Library and Task of Librarian

Librarian Tasks and Jobs

Some people have interest to a librarian. This profession requires education, training, skill, and experience. The job is not just at front desk to help borrower. Some librarians are part of researches and contribute significantly for science.

The old task was book collectors. You often see people who buy, search, and try to get any books. They build a special place to ensure they can read easily. After that, they develop system to manage and maintain all collections. It includes information service to make easy access.

A librarian also provides technical support, learning assistance, security and safety, and administrator. From this point, you see that being a librarian is not simple as you see.