What’s So Interesting in Studying Library Science?

Library Science is actually not a rare study program in Indonesia. Some large state universities such as the University of Indonesia, Gajah Mada University, Airlangga University, Padjadjaran University, and Brawijaya University have long opened the study program. However, this study program is not included in the radar of the favorite and prestigious study programs for high school students. So, what is actually learned in Library Science?

Students Library Science

In essence, the students Library Science learn how to process, manage and communicate or disseminate information. That information can come from many media, from books to digital. Then, it is not only a technical matter, but also the managerial aspects of the library and archives.

Studying Library Science
Studying Library Science

It is a necessity for everyone at, institutions, and companies to produce documented records of their activities. Various information resources ranging from library materials, data, archives, documents, audio-visual materials of various types, formats, and packaging are objects that will be cultivated by students of Library Science.

In addition to learning theory, students of Library Science study program generally learn technical matters related to information governance, making book metadata for libraries, archives, methods for recording information, administration, and digital asset management.

This portion of technical practice is greater at the diploma level than at the undergraduate level. One of the courses in Library Science is the Information Organization. Students learn how to trace the origin of information, identify keywords, how many times the information was quoted. Students also learn to identify and prevent plagiarism

Managerial Aspect

In the managerial aspect, students will get acquainted with various types of information institutions. Of course, according to the name of this study program, students will be familiar with the library. Other institutions that are also included are documentation centers, archival institutions, and museums. There are many objects of this management study. Starting from the human resources, administration, marketing, financial matters to the behavior of users.

Studying Library Science
Studying Library Science

In addition, students are also equipped with the basics of technology and information systems. This includes how to design a library and archive database, computerize it, to develop the web and library network. In essence, they are taught how technology facilitates the process of retrieval of information when needed.

That is just general material that is owned by all Library Science Study Programs. For the record, each Library Science Study Program has a specific study. Brawijaya University, for example, is unique in the aspects of library and archive administration. Therefore, this study program is registered at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences.